Guanahani Center Team looks forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable and exhilarating “LIQUID THERAPY”!

Resort activities


The Guanahani Center Team look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable and exhilarating “LIQUID THERAPY”!

The Guanahani Surf & Sail Center is located on the premises of the Guanahani Beach Club Resort just a few steps from the hypnotizing blue-turquoise waters of Snow Bay,

The Guanahani Center meets all its guests’ requirements and offers ideal conditions, excellent customer service and complete comfort.



San Salvador is one of the last “UNCROWDED KITESURFING PARADISES” where you can ride in ”freedom” and feel “the only one in the world”.

Great wind conditions, year-round pleasant water and air temperature promise lot of fun on the water in a breathtaking and ideal setting.

Guanahani Surf & Sail Center offers courses at all levels, equipment rental and storage service.

The Center is stocked with Cabrinha kites and Boards.



Kiteboarding ...get fuelled up with adrenaline and hooked to it with Guanahani Surf & Sail Team!!!

To optimize your learning, the Guanahani Kite Center runs SEMI-PRIVATE courses with instructor/student ratio of 1:2.
Our courses are run by qualified instructors.

all the safety equipment (helmet, life vest) is included.


The comfortable Guanahani Kite Center storage can satisfy the highest demanding kiters’ needs.

Storage service includes:

- fresh water to rinse the gear
- rescue service
- gear transfer from/to San Salvador International Airport


The Spot:

Flat water conditions make the spot ideal for freestyle and freeride kiters. Located near the mouth of Pigeon Creek, sickle-shaped Snow Bay stretches for about 1,5 km. The reef and cays (pronounced “ keys”), which surround the bay and protect it from the Atlantic Ocean swell, make the spot a big flat-water lagoon. Ride to the neighbor High Cay and take a rest on its desert white sandy beach! The underwater bottom and the beach are sandy and free of stones, corals and sea urchins so you can “forget” your shoes at home. As to the shore break, you needn’t worry: it seldom reaches 20 cm.


Wind Conditions:

The prevailing steady North Easterly Trade Winds blow unobstructed side-on shore from end of October until the end of April ranging from 15 to 25 knots.
Although on some days the wind can shift blowing from SE or East, its consistency and steadiness don’t get affected.
From May to August the prevailing SE wind blows in a range between 10-15 knots.



“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. If, then, you have the chance of sailing in one of the most beautiful bays of the world, the feeling you will be going to experience will be unforgettable. Unlike any other sports, sailing offers a sense of freedom and independence that, once experienced, often leads to life-long addiction.

Guanahani Surf & Sail Center offers the possibility of enjoying catamaran sailing in the breathtaking Snow Bay.
The transparency of the water will give you the wonderful feeling of “sailing in the air”.



Explore the neighbors keys and the pigeon creek by kayak!

Guanahani Center puts kayaks and snorkelling equipment at the guests disposal.



Enjoy a little competition of Beach Volley, Beach Ball rackets, Frisbee….

These activities are available to Guests at no additional charge.


Island activities

Leave your cares behind and we will take care of everything...
Whether you are interested in diving or fishing, Guanahani Team will be pleased to assist you at your arrival.


San Salvador with Rum Cay and Cat island have been classified the best fishing area in the Caribbean.

People travel from around the world to fish the renowned coastal waters of San Salvador plentifully supplied with giant tuna, enormous blue marlin, barracudas, mahi mahi, wahoo.

Daily deep sea fishing charters are available.



Total immersion is the best way of appreciating the remarkable sea life and reef formations of the Bahamas; the drop-offs close to shore and currents that wash the water gin-clear make these islands a diver's dream. The Bahamas boast the third biggest coral reef in the world; waters with incredible 150-foot visibility; amazingly abundant marine life; coral formations with hypnotic colors and shapes. Dive sites in San Salvador are mostly on the lee side of the island and rough seas are very rare due in part to the protecting reefs. Experience unforgettable dives with mantas, hammer sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, etc. High Cay, Low Cay, and Middle Cay, located in Snow Bay, just in front of the Guanahani Beach Club, are popular spots for both reef and wreck diving. Typical water visibility is 150 foot and more.