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You can discover the beauty of the island by car, scooter, bicycle or … on foot.
You will have the feeling of being the “only one” in the world, a sort of pampered Robinson Crusoe …

Cockburn Town (pronounced Ko-burn) 
Located on the west coast of San Salvador, close to the International Airport, it is the capital of the island where one can find local government offices, a police station, a post office, a government clinic and grocery shops.

Dixon Hill Lighthouse
Built on a former plantation owned by John Dixon, this 160 foot structure (163 feet above sea level) was made by the Imperial Lighthouse Service in 1887 and has a visibility of 19 miles. It presently maintains four-hour watches nightly, giving a double flash every ten seconds. This hand-operated, kerosene-lit lighthouse (400,000 candles) is the last of its kind in the Bahamas and one of ten in the world.

Mexican Olympic Monument
The Olympic Monument housed the Olympic flame in 1968 on its journey from Greece to Mexico for the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City.

Columbus Monument, Landfall Park, Long Bay
After 33 days at sea, on 12th  October 1492, Columbus landed at beautiful Fernandez Bay (Long Bay). Erected on Christmas Day in 1956 by Ruth Durlacher Wolper, this white cross commemorates the landfall of Christopher Columbus on San Salvador in 1492.

Great Lake Preserve
In the centre of the island is the Great Lake.

Pigeon Creek
The mouth of the Creek opens on the south east coast next to Snow Bay on an amazing shallow lagoon. It is an important area for bird nesting and fish breeding.
85% of the island’s ecosystem, birds and fish depend on this area that provides all fisheries and all conchs, a large type of ocean mollusks (shell fish like an oyster), perennial local seafood favorite.

Island hopping & Airplane tours
To those who are interested in exploring the island from a “different angle” or in visiting the neighboring islands by boat or plane (Rum Cay, Cat Island) the Guanahani Beach Club can propose day trips on request.

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